Monday, July 9, 2012

राष्ट्रमाता जिजाऊ शैक्षणिक योजना - ग्रामीण शिक्षण चळवळीला एक छोटीशी फुंकर!

Dear Friends,

Here is a great news for all of us.

After continuous collaborative efforts by all of us from last one month, we are now ready with the final list of students who really deserve the award of scholarship. We name it 'Scholarship' because, we don't want it to be seen as some kind of help or sympathy, it's a thing they deserve.

I am very happy to tell you that this year we are going to conduct this program in THREE different schools of three remote villages. Final list contains around FORTY number of students.

The details are attached with this mail.

This year is really very special because lots of new people have voluntarily joined this movement and made it more powerful and more effective.
As you all are aware of the current situation in rural area of our nation, people are facing with lots of day to day problems. So called development has not yet reached to the root level, hence decided to take up this issue on its own and started working in the area of education. With the inspiration from our real historical heroes and support from you guys we are able to achieve  little bit of satisfaction in giving back to our society.

I hope this will continue forever in all of ours life, here or anywhere, but somewhere!

I deeply thank all of you for your support and contributions.

I cordially invite you all for this program at all the schools, It would be really nice if as many as possible attend this event personally.

I and Prakash both are going on Thursday night. Actual program will be on Friday and Saturday. We have to cover all three schools within these two days.

All the school stuff to be awarded has been purchased and beautiful certificates are in the making. We will share all the financial details with you all as soon as we are done with this.
Hope to see you all there, venue and program details and contact details attached.

Thanking you again.

Contact me on - 9766551521

Google Maps Links/cordinates for venues:


Paul Digras: ZP, School Paul Digras, Near Selu, Dist. Parbhani

Nandgaon: ZP School, Nandgaon, Dist. Parbhani 


राष्ट्रमाता जिजाऊ शैक्षणिक योजना
"ग्रामीण शिक्षण चळवळीला एक छोटीशी फुंकर!"
आग्रहाचे निमंत्रण ! तुम्हालाच, तुमच्याच कार्यक्रमासाठी !
जिजाऊ.कॉम प्रती वर्षी प्रमाणे या ही वर्षी म्हणजे २०१२ -२०१३ मध्ये ग्रामीण भागातील होतकरू विद्यार्थ्यांना शिष्यवृत्ती देणार आहे. या साठीचा निधी तुम्ही आणि तुमच्या सारख्या समाजाबद्दल अत्यंत बांधिलकी असलेल्या लोकांनी जमा करून दिलेला आहे. तुमचे आभार मानावेत की नाही ? माहित नाही. तरी समाजाबद्दल तुमच्या असलेल्या बांधिलकीचा तुमच्या येणाऱ्या पिढ्यांना खूप खूप फायदा होवो या सदिच्छ देवून आम्ही, जिजाऊ.कॉम, आपले खूप खूप आभारी आहोत. आपला सहभाग सदिच्छ आणि निधीच्या स्वरुपात आहेच, तरीही आपण स्वतः आपल्या आप्त स्वकीयांसहित या कार्यक्रमांना उपस्थित राहावे ही आग्रहाची विनंती.
१. दिनांक १३/०७/२०१२ 
    सकाळी १०:०० ते १२:००  
श्रीमती सरस्वतीबाई भाले पाटील विद्यालय, मानवत. [19.296567,76.493039]
    दुपारी २:०० ते ४:०० 
जिल्हा परिषद प्रशाला, पौळ डिग्रस, ता. सेलू  [19.4481,76.433895]

२. दिनांक १४/०७/२०१२ 
    सकाळी १०:०० ते १२:००  
जिल्हा परिषद प्रशाला, नांदगाव, जि. परभणी  [19.405438,76.713371]

जिजाऊ.कॉम बद्दल अधिक माहिती साठी कृपया भेट द्या

||आम्हाला माहित नाही आम्ही जग बदलू शकतो की नाही, पण ते बदलण्याची तीव्र इच्छा मात्र हृदयात बाळगतो आणि त्यासाठी एकदातरी प्रयत्न करायचे आम्ही ठरवले आहे||

- कार्यकर्ते जिजाऊ.कॉम 


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