Thursday, November 24, 2011

Educated class: Selfish expectations

We, specifically the educated ones, have become a society where we need all the fruits of free market economy and global open market. But we want government to enforce heavy regulations on the lower economic classes in this nation like farmers and other labor class population. We want the salary hikes every time the petrol prices go up and we still want the food prices to stay down. Agreed, the growing food prices doesn't always benefit the farmers directly, but it isn't that plain reason to not accept the price rise.
I have observed some of economic dailies in this nation criticizing government and making jokes of policies when some package or subsidiaries are announced for the agriculture. These are the same dailies which appreciates the government reducing taxes on corporations and help the dying corporations (for their own mistakes). It's the worst form of the capitalism. Or in known words it's the old sucking Jamindari capitalism where media, power and policies are always in favor of the rich. I strongly support the free market economies and yes strong regulations by government too, but both things have to practiced in fair way. Let farmers decide their own prices and let global food giants come to this nation. People will buy from who sells it cheaper.

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