Friday, October 31, 2014

Run for Unity!

I have not yet walked for unity! But I am for Unity. I believe more in unity of hearts than just the unity of lands. I think it will be more meaningful if we walk to those who are underprivileged, out caste (as per the elites definitions). I hate all this as it's an opportunity for 'most' to take the selfie and 'just' show how much they love the nation. I bet, offer them a permanent visa to a dollar or pound paying country and 'many' will run for 'getting out of this nation as soon as possible'!

It's not because I wasn't able to take the selfie and post. It's because 'events' like these keep the real concerns neglected. I hope everybody who is running today also remembers that the country has farmers who feed them and the same farmers are facing 'lowest prices for goods' in recent times. I hope they also remember the caste system here has recently chopped a family into pieces. Shankaracharya here has asked to ban Temple entry to Dalits.

I hope we run to connect and meet to these hearts who live with us!

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