Thursday, July 1, 2010

नव्या ढंगातले वारकरी वारीत सहभागी व्हा पुणे

आय टी वारीत सहभागी व्हा. अधिक माहिती खालील मेल मध्ये आणि येथे []  वाचा.



It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that  “The IT Dindi warkari’s” are going to participate in the “Sri Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi “Dindi” for the 4th year. The immense happiness and experience walking with millions of warkari’s from Alandi to Pune can’t be narrated in words.

Here is an opportunity for you to live with our age old tradition, experience it and help to carry it generations thru generations!

Our Schedule:
Date: Tuesday, 6th July 2010
Location 1: Aundh (Time 4.30 a.m)
Location 2: Kothroud (Time 4.30 a.m)
Distance: 21 KM from Sri Sai Mandir ( Near Alandi ) to Shivaji Nagar, Pune.
Duration: In general we reach Shivaji Nagar Pune around 5 p.m. There are lot of breaks to make sure everyone is comfortable to walk 21 KM. 

IT Dindee Warkari’s walk every year from Alandi to Pune. This distance is approximately 21 km. The group assembles at Sri Sai Mandir at the outskirts of Alandi. This assembly begins at around 5:30am as later it becomes difficult to reach to this spot. Last year we have done common bus to take the group to Sai Mandir.

Logistics: We are planning to arrange bus from Aundh and Kothroud to go to Sri Sai Mandir on 6th July.

Your confirmation:
We encourage you and all your friends\families to participate in the “IT Dindi” and enjoy an amazing experience in your life. Please confirm you participation with your name, contact number and location by replying to this email ( Don’t reply all ) by 2nd July EOD.

Please visit our website

Why to participate in Waari?
·         - First of all, it brings a spiritual joy!!
·         - It makes you proud by holding the flag of our ancestors
·         - It teaches you an humbleness
·         - It gives a feeling of being a part of common Society
·         - It proves to be a very good stress buster
·         - It tests your physical fitness, remember this is a walk which stretches almost 21 km, but we are sure everyone enjoys this immensely
It will be great if you forward this email to all your friends working in IT industry so that they can also enjoy and experience Waari.

Look forward to your tremendous response.

In case of queries please contact following volunteers:
Rajesh Patil Mobile 9766353384
Girish Patil 9766353384
Sanjay Kulkarni 9860000128

Thanks and warm regards,
IT Dindi Warkaris

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