Wednesday, June 24, 2015


काही महत्वाची अप्लिकेशन

MKisan Application

This app has been designed and developed by inhouse IT team of DAC with the help of C-DAC Pune. It enables farmers and all other stakeholders to obtain advisories and information being sent by experts and government officials at different levels through mkisan portal without registering on the portal.

Seed Availability

This Android based App is for entering seed availability data by seed dealers and producers at all levels.Selection of crop varities and linkege of dealers with their producers are some of the main features of this app.


With this app agriculture traders and farmers in India can get latest pricing information on palm of their hands free of cost. Also, farmers are able to get precise agriculture related weather information in India. The agriculture news will keep all stakeholders updated on current market dynamics.
Presently the application is available in Hindi, Gujarati and English languages. It will also be available in Telegu, Tamil and Bengali in coming months. You need to update the app for latest version and functionality.

Shetkari Masik Android App

“Shetkari Masik” is one of the most popular monthly magazines in the Agriculture sector, under publication since 1965. It is published by Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra.
The Android app for Shetkari magazine has a very simple interface and requires mobile internet or Wi-Fi connectivity to register and download the issues. Once downloaded, the magazine can be read without internet connectivity.


Developed by CDAC, Mumbai. The application is a multilingual Android application targeted for rural Gujarat. The app is useful for farmers or anyone related to agriculture. It is available in English and Gujarati languages. The main functionalities of the app are:
  1. Get suitable crops as per soil and season
  2. Get crop wise information
  3. Check weather in your area
  4. Manage your cattle

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