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Social and Political debate

  • Pramod Pagar Congress- pseudo secular
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे  there are other parties too. communist, SP, ncp and many others
  • Krishna Pandey Politicians are the only one who benefits from Riots... There won't be Congress or BJP to sympathize North Indians, if there will be no MNS. Similarly riot's are win-win for all political parties, in this case Congress/SP fueling Muslim emotions n BJP benefiting from Hindutva. #DhandhaHai
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  • Ankit Kumar SP.....what about muzzafarpur riots sir..
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे han wahi ki news hai ye. dekho kya huwa hai. i think the story must be same on another side too. lekin istarah ki harkate nahi ki hogi...
  • Ankit Kumar i agreed sir...agar aap statics dekhe muzzafpur riots ki tow 4o muslim aur 30 hindu maare gaye...par wo log sir ek samudaaye ke logo ko hi victims maan rahe hein..jisse Supreme Court ne reject kiya...aur agar aap riots ke main reason ko consider kare tow wo unki vote bank politics ke chalte hui.....jaha ek khaas samudaaye ke logo ke khilaaf koi action nahi liya gaya ulte unhe hi fasaya gaya..wo bhi ek neta Azam Khan ke kahne par...
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे han i also agree. but any kind of conflict should not go to such an end where it touches women and children. this can't be justified for any reasons. such acts can be done by only cowards. i understand there is politics in it. but still the victims are victims. such incidents will alaways be there on the minds of new generations. people can forget the murder but not rapes.
  • Ankit Kumar yes...but it happened with both communities...aur mera post usliye tha..jisme aap SP ko secular bata rahe ho....
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे but in that case by no means BJP is a secular, nor AAP - he went to meet some masjid leader
  • Ankit Kumar AAP is an anti national batla house encountar ko fake bolkar ek desh ke liye jaan dele waale ka apmaan kare wo secular bhi ho....tow kabhi na vote du usse... ...yahi nahi uske neta tow kashmir ko bhi desh ka part nahi mante
  • Chandrashekhar Sharma BJP, biggest agenda to make temple, so they want to rule this country, that they didn't able to do because of low majority. A party comprise of A Secular like Adwani and Modi, A party who forced M F Husain to left his county, now worried about Taslima Nasrin (Bangladeshi Citizen). Congress after all the scam, can still be the best party. But a party whose leader meet a mulana (who issued a fatwa, which he cannot, because he don't hold any right), and those said Batla encounter fake ( which mainstream new is saying).. is anti national Waah!
    BATLA HOUSE encounter was FAKE : ARVIND KEJRIWAL अरविन्द केजरीवाल ने कहा था और इ...See More
  • Ankit Kumar There is nothing wrong to being a hindu nationalist...and why should we not demand for the temple where there was a hindu temple.... and i don't know they supported taslima or not...but agar hindu jo bharat ko apni Maa manta how...usse koi nude dikhaaye tow koi bhi beta uska against hoga..aur mein bhi kiya bjp waalo ne wo sahi kiya......agar aapko ye achha laga tow mein nahi jaanta....
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  • Chandrashekhar Sharma Same should be applicable for Muslim, when someone tell their Quran is Devil word. NO ?
  • Chandrashekhar Sharma Where I said, what M F Husaain has said, wrong & right, and India is democratic country, not run by Gundaas... who the hell BJP is to decide who do what?
  • Ankit Kumar not gungaas....Hinduism is the core of india...everybody should respect that...
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  • Chandrashekhar Sharma and what about Muslim? they leave this country ?
  • Ankit Kumar Even in democracy majority gets the power...then why not hindus...
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे majority always wins in democracy. it has been wining all the time. bjp is not the only hindu party. like india has more muslims than pak, congress and other parties have more hindus than bjp.
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  • Ankit Kumar I never said that sir....Sanatam Dharma is the peaceful religion where there is the concept of SarvaDhram Samabhav.....we are not against muslim
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  • Chandrashekhar Sharma Dear please go and read "Savidhan".
  • Ankit Kumar yes i know sir....but Sanvitdhaan mein hi likha dharmik bhavna bharkana apraadh hein..agar M F Hussian itna bada desh bhakt tha..tow bhaag kyu gaya...aur agar bjp ne kuch kiya hota tow unpar koi case nahi chalta...
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे santan dharma only has the classes ... some theorotically say they are for betterment of society... but so caled sanatans have been asking others to just be slave. what about that? i even heard sombody from rss saying 'see a dalit like narendra modi is declared as pm candidate!'. he re situation of modi is like gulfam hasan in sarfarosh movie.
  • Ankit Kumar and one thing sir..we can debate on hindism bot not on other...that is the difference...we are ready to adopt changes..if even somewhere in our religious book something is wrong some one can point it..but for other i can't say...
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे the same ways as chintu sir said we can't say aboout quran..
  • Chandrashekhar Sharma What debate you want? a party who preach about Hindu and idealise Rama, where Bharat sacrifice Raj Singhasan for his brother for 14 years, and what Modi has done here .. ? only Mr. Lal Krishna Adwani knows.. 
  • Raghvendra Deshpande Nobody is secular in this country.
    On Secularity all lie somewhere on a scale of -10 to +10. -10 being extremely leftist and +10 its opposite pole. 0 being extremely secular?
    I am somewhere between 2 and 3 and प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे is somewhere at -2 
    kay pakya what say?
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande What would you call to those insulting Tiranga in Srinagar which disrupted shooting of a film. They must be mentioned equally when talking about right wing extremist. But this is not the reality, everyone takes stand which suits their political/social agenda....!!!
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे true. those should be jailed for insulting the national flag.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande To friend of Prakash Ankit Kumar: As Prakash said Sanatan Dharma strongly endorses caste system. No place for equal treatment to all.
    Binds all sorts of power in hands of few, enslaving the majoirty(today it is called: BAHUJAN). So Sanatan Dharma shoul
    ...See More
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande प्रकाश भाऊ, तुमच्या सारखे चांगले लोक आजूबाजूला आहेत म्हणून असले विचार येतात. नाहीतर आम्ही बसलो असतो पोथ्या बडबडत...
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande by the way tag kelela Raghvendra deshpande vegala ahe. Motha Raghu....
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande पक्या, you didn't talk about the SECULARITY SCALE and your position on it. 
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  • Krishna Pandey People interpret sanatan dharma as they are Shankaracharya, there was logic behind caste system and it worked well since eternity. Result is all civilizations perished, ours remained, such is the power of Sanatan Dharma. Now in modern ages, it is quite...See More
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  • Ankit Kumar Raghvendra Deshpande :: sir i don't have indepth understanding about sanatam dharma...but i have read in my school book that initially caste are based on the indivisual occupation...not by birth... but after sometime peoples like us make them on the basis of birth......we are responsible for that..not our religion.....humlog tow jaanwar se lekar insaan tak ko poojte hein......
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande "there was logic behind caste system " : No, there was not.
    There isn't any logic which allows Brahmins to be praised inspite of their talent or "AUKAT"
    and there was not point in not allowing BAHUJANS to do whatever they want, like geting educated, being part of economic and all other power centers. There was no logic in enslaving them.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "it worked well since eternity": No, it didn't. BAHUJANs were not allowed to learn, keep wealth, rule hence there isn't much written in sanatan history which would let us know their plight. 
    Their silence in Sanatan Era doesn't mean BAHUJANs were happy being part of caste system.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Result is all civilizations perished, ours remained": But in bits and peices.Infighting between castes 
    continues...It didn't sustain because of Sanatan Dharma, it sustained because of people like Shivaji..
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Now in modern ages, it is quite irrelevant coz neither Brahmins are doing what they are supposed to do nor the other castes": It is not because of Sanatan Dharma, it is because of social reforms by 
    Shivaji,Shahu,Fule,Ambedkar and many more.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Secularism is such a term invented to keep Hindu Intellectuals at bay from speaking/defending their religion and not being termed as Saffron Terrorist (extremists)"" I partially agree with you.
    Since NOBODY is secular, these speudo secular claim they 
    are the only seculars in the world.
    Stoping Hindus from becoming extremist depends on how sincerely Congress and NCP plays secularity.
    If it is insincere as it is now, there will be Hindu extremist. It is NEWTONS THIRD LAW. 
    FOR EVERY ACTION, EQUAL AND OPPOSITE RACTION. BAJARANG DAL to MUSLIM Extremist as SAMBHAJI Begrade is to Sanatan Prabhat. Newtons law is same everywhere in the universe.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "All those people who raises so many questions at Sanatan dharma cannot point even their finger about many shortcomings of other religion" : This is speadu secularism, only take those points or part of history which is suitable to their own political and/or social agenda. And it gives rise to Hindu 
    extremism beacuse of above Newton Law.
  • Raghvendra Deshpande To Ankit Kumar:
    Sanatan Dharma (Dikhanewale Daat): Read here
    ...See More
  • Raghvendra Deshpande @Ankit Kumar:"we are responsible for that..not our religion" :Both are, knowingly or unknowingly.
    But no need to be worried.Hindu's have changed since the times of Kabir, Dnyaneshar, Tukaram, Shivaji...Are Changing and will Be changing in future.The pa
    ce maybe slow, or fast depending on 
    SECULARITY POLITICS and related NEWTONS THIRD LAW. So you shouln't blame yourself. Just be yourself
    and be try to be SECULAR(?) .
    Even if you are between -4 to +4 on my so called SECULARITY SCALE, you are a almost secular 
  • Krishna Pandey Do you think Brahmins were allowed to keep wealth?? All donations was given to run gurukuls and to promote social welfare activities like yagna to bring rain etc. Brahmins used to beg door to door even for daily livings. Ever heard of Sudama. All rishi-muni used to live in jungles. Later with advent of kaliyuga, all vices inflicted all human beings... Even today someone has to do the dirty work and good work, we should not discriminate anyone on any ground.
    Well I ll give u a food for thought, what if earth says I won't produce grain n bear ur weight as I am not being treated nicely? Dharma is something which is supposed to be for social welfare without any intention of getting something in return. People doing good anyway. If you hate upper castes for atrocities, hate Muslims for the same atrocities done during mughal era and likewise for Christians. What should be done, all other people except harijans should leave the planet?? Come on lower class have reservations, acts, commissions, constitution n other agencies to protect their interest, what else do u want?
  • Krishna Pandey Mr Deshpande, give me sometime. I will direct you to a friend of mine(Shridhar Iyer) who can convince you about goodness of Sanatan Dharma.
  • Krishna Pandey My maratha history is not perfect but if you are crediting Shivaji Maharaj for good, will you also credit his Guru Ramdas Swamy who was a Brahmin n guided him well? Will u keep on doing the work of British of divide n rule even when they have left for sake of politics?
  • Raghvendra Deshpande I have seen how my own grand father have treated dalits badly just 20 years ago. Dalits were not allowed to enter our house. 
    Maratha's were allowed to enter but not in kitchen or Devalaya(a place where we worship god).
    Non brahmins had no place in our
    ...See More
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "If you hate upper castes for atrocities, hate Muslims for the same atrocities done during mughal era and likewise for Christians."
    : Yes Newtons Third Law works here, there is ample hatred towards Muslims and Cristians and you should understand so does it has towards Sanatan Dharma
    (from those who were ensalved and from people like me and Prakash who understood this inhuman treatment)
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "What should be done, all other people except harijans should leave the planet??": No, I didn't say that. Then I would have to leave the planet as well.
    I am just expecting Sanatan Worshipers to understand what our forefathers have done, take their goo
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande " Come on lower class have reservations, acts, commissions, constitution n other agencies to protect their interest, what else do u want?":
    I don't want anything. Even I had to struggle alot because of increased competetion and fees due to reservation.
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande And about teaching me Sanatan Dharma, then I would just be interested in knowing your thoughts on Caste system and its history.
    Not interested in your good thoughts on other stuff. It would be good if you can convince me and Prakash on how Sanatan Dhar
    ...See More
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande पक्या still silent on his position on my SECULARITY SCALE.   
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  • Krishna Pandey Mr Deshpande, this can be case of few centuries, not of Satyuga. Shri Ram ate Shabri's leftover berries out of love, kevat touched Lords feet... Brahmins were supposed to remain pious all the time n do trisandhya n various karmakand which necessitates ...See More
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "will you also credit his Guru Ramdas Swamy who was a Brahmin n guided him well": This is a disputed subject.
    Most Maratha's disagree with it. Rise of Sambhaji Brigade has further fueled this.
    No matter what B-Grade says or MOST Maratha's say or Sanata
    ...See More
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Mr Deshpande, this can be case of few centuries, not of Satyuga": With due respect I refuse to accept this. Reality is different on ground
    I however agree that things have changed, are changing and will be changing. Many people have understood the misdeads of their forefathers and have changed.
    So the situation is not extremely dark as is posed by B-Grade mentality negative poles.
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Shri Ram ate Shabri's leftover berries out of love, kevat touched Lords feet": It looks good in fiction, but is not the reality. 
    B-grade, BAMCEF and other negative poles can point 100 bad things in Ramayana and Mahabharata but I don't want to go into
    ...See More
  • Raghvendra Deshpande "Well my personal experience of childhood was I have seen our servants to be treated as family member, though they were not allowed in puja ghar"
    : How can you justify this?, not allowed in Puja ghar and treated as family member at the same time. 
    I ag
    ...See More
  • Raghvendra Deshpande To those who are reading my comments, don't confuse me being a Secular because I am not. No one is. 
    I have ample hatred towards various caste(like sanatani Brahmins and B-grad Marathas and BAMCEF supporter).
    I have ample hatred towars religions : Musl
    ...See More
  • Krishna Pandey I am not in full agreement with all your views, we ll have full-fledged discussion later sometime in future.
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  • Raghvendra Deshpande Sure, you are entitled to have your own views. We can have discussions anytime in future. Take care and have a good night...
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