Sunday, May 31, 2009 Launching soon- Call for content

Jai jijau!

This is Team asking for the information [About jiaju- mother of Shivaji Maharaj] to be put on our site

What and Why is Its portal aiming at 1) Information about Masaheb Jijau 2)Rural Education and Development [Probably under the umbrella of foundation]
Ma-saheb Jijau is an undisputed source of inspiration for every one, she was the first lady who dreamt about the "Swarajya", She is the one who gave birth to a great king Shivaji Raje who gave an unforgettable history and many more things to Maharashtra. To make her dream of 'swarajya and surajya for all' true, having movement like this in her name [we think] is an appropriate step! ]

How are we going to do it? : We want the information on jijau to be authentic, unbiased and fact based. We believe in the power of collaboration and democracy. So we won't restrict the content development up to us [The jijau team only], we will call for the content [Stories from life of jijau, articles on jijau and Shivaji raje or Sambhaji raje, Poems, paintings] from every one willing to do so. We will review the content for the correctness by the person who knows the history very well and only then the content will be published [with due credits to the contributor!].
The Rural Education and Development part will cover the government facilities available to the rural areas [some times for the urban too]. It will always have updated information on educational scholarships available to the students [Rural and Urban]. This will be one point global contact for the schemes like donate computer/book/clothes [new]/adopt children for education etc. Our offline team under umbrella will do it [Obviously you can also do it in your region, we will happy in seeing you become part of this].
If any money comes from this portal; it will be completely used for the education of the poor [from urban too] and rural children deducting the maintenance of the site [Hosting charges] .We will be happy for working with any NGO wanting to take their work online here at this portal. We wish to have some plans in free health services also. Also we will like to make it a portal of the people who are working individually or in small groups at their regions in similar areas of the rural empowerment [To inspire others in doing the same things in their areas].

What can you do: You can contribute to this site by sending information on life of aau jijau. Information can be:

Part 1]

1)Articles published on jijau
2)Stories about the life of aau jijau
3)Any research work going on the life of jijau
4)Books on aau jijau, contacts of the authors etc.
5)Poems on jijau
6)Paintings on jijau, shivaji raje, sambhaji raje
7)Photos of Forts/Places related to jijau [like shivaneri, sindhakhed, pachad] with some info if any
8)Your thoughts on jijau and the Maharashtra [Just send don't know it may get published]
9)Information of the people who talk, research on life of jijau [Educated or uneducated]
10)Anything that you think will be helpful in inspiring the coming generations

Part 2]

1) Mail us the government schemes (links, info, contacts ) which you think will change the Nation
2)Mail us how some village you know/heard of changed/revolutionized because of some scheme [good if you can write any article, report!]
3) Send us your dreams of revolutionized nation [or state of Maharashtra specially] on social, cultural and economic fronts. [surely we will publish them if well written and appealing]
4) Send us information on scholarships [National, Regional (your local also) ] for rural students
5)Send us info if you want to adopt a student for educating him or offer some scholarship to the deserving candidates [Maharashtra has lot many deserving and deprived children, thanks to all government in last some decades!] (Leave it, we believe in changing it! )
6) Tell if you want to donate some old/new books, computer any educational stationary or clothes or anything that you think will be helpful in some ones education/living [Other people who knew some one who is in need may contact you and get it for them], just email it
7)NGOs may email their work and what they are willing to do new [may help others getting involved with you]
8)Companies working in rural areas [districts/tahasils] can email their requirement, so that youth there gets the information about this may themselves or by some relative/friend visiting the
9)Please send us stories about how RTI and things like this helped you/your friend
10)Anything that you think should be there on

Send it to:

[For more info visit temporary web portal:]

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Please send whatever you have related to the above mentioned things- Articles, Painting, Poems, Photographs along with your contact info. The content will be published with your name only. We are trying hard to launch it on 5th June 09 [Shivrajyabhishek din], but its like writing journals for submission on the eleventh hour [ Its not exactly the case; we registered the domain couple of days before!]. So please help us in making this dream come true!

But we may wait further for launching the site with rich contents and catchy look.

Also we like to launch this site with one huge Get together of all such people who are willing to do something for our society.

We request you to be part of this movement and FORWARD this text as an email to other friends!

The major language of web portal will be MARATHI, but we welcome English/Hindi and other languages also!

Jai Jijau!

A Little More:

Who we are: We are a big team of the enthusiastic youths residing at Pune and Mumbai.If any one is curious about how we look, just go on road and pick any group of the youth talking endlessly, teasing each other; we are just like them!

Thanks and Regards!



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