Thursday, April 21, 2016

Broken Education System

We think that the education system is changing and is becoming intelligent and more practical. But to most extent it's still broken and the fixes are wrong.

Following comment one one of the article on Indian Education system speaks a lot.

Mother of a kid writes:

activity based learning in Indian system???? I see now in many schools in chennai flaunt they have activity based learning at school but reality parents are doing the activity based learning school homework at home because it is beyond the capacity of students

or eg: that day I was at a xerox shop where a mother came with her 2 children and she was asking the xerox man to make a copy of 'Grandparents' project for her elder girls school assignment. That girl was playing with her younger bro kid and havent had any idea of what was going on. It seems every kid had to submit glossy printouts of Granparents of different cultures across world. So the mother and xerox man were browsing details to complete assignment and I think both these adults only would be benefitted out of this assignment

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