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आदरणीय सरसंघ चालक/मालक - हिंदू कोण?

आदरणीय सरसंघ चालक/मालक, 
यावर आपले विचार कळावेत…. 


India is a conjeries of communities. There are in it Parsis, Christians, Mohammedans and Hindus. The basis of these communities is not racial. It is of course religious. This is a superficial view. What is interesting to know is why is a Parsi a Parsi and why is a Christian a Christian, why is a Muslim a Muslim and why is a Hindu a Hindu? With regard to the Parsi, the Christian and the Muslim it is smooth sailing. Ask a Parsi why he calls himself a Parsi he will have no difficulty in answering the question. He will say he is a Parsi because he is a follower of Zoraster. Ask the same question to a Christian. He too will have no difficulty in answering the question. He is a Christian because he believes in Jesus Christ. Put the same question to a Muslim. He too will have no hesitation in answering it. He will say he is a believer in Islam and that is why he is a Muslim.

Now ask the same question to a Hindu and there is no doubt that he will be completely bewildered and would not know what to say.

If he says that he is a Hindu because he worships the same God as the Hindu Community does his answer cannot be true. All Hindus do not worship one God. Some Hindus are monotheists, some are polytheists and some are pantheists. Even those Hindus who are monotheists are not worshippers of the same Gods. Some worship the God Vishnu, some Shiva, some Rama, some Krishna. Some do not worship the male Gods. They worship a goddess. Even then they do not worship the same Goddesses. They worship different Goddesses. Some worship Kali, some worship Parvati, some worship Laxmi.

Coming to the Polytheists they worship all the Gods. They will worship Vishnu and Shiva, also Rama and Krishna. They will worship Kali, Parvati and Laxmi. A Hindu will fast on the Shivaratri day because it is sacred to Shiva. He will fast on Ekadashi day because it is sacred to Vishnu. He will plant a Bel tree because it is sacred to Shiva and he will plant a Tulsi because it is dear to Vishnu.

Polytheists among the Hindus do not confine their homage to the Hindu Gods. No Hindu hesitates to worship a Muslim Pir or a Christian Goddess. Thousands of Hindus go to a Muslim Pir and make offerings. Actually there are in some places Brahmins who own the office of a hereditary priesthood of a Muslim Pir and wear a Muslim Pir's dress. Thousands of Hindus go to make offerings to the Christian Goddess Mant Mauli near Bombay.

The worship of the Christian or Muslim Gods is only on occasions. But there are more permanent transfer of religious allegiance. There are many so-called Hindus whose religion has a strong Muhammadan content. Notable amongst these are the followers of the strange Panchpiriya cult, who worship five Muhammadan saints, of uncertain name and identity, and sacrifice cocks to them, employing for the purpose as their priest a Muhammadan Dafali fakir. Throughout India many Hindus make pilgrimages to Muhammadan shrines, such as that of Sakhi Sarwar in the Punjab.

Speaking of the Malkanas Mr. Blunt says that they are converted Hindus of various castes belonging to Agra and the adjoining districts. chiefly Muttra, Ettah and Mainpuri. They are of Rajput, Jat and Bania descent. They are reluctant to describe themselves as Musalmans, and generally give their original caste name and scarcely recognize the name Malkana. Their names are Hindu; they mostly worship in Hindu temples: they use the salutation Ram-Ram: they intermarry amongst themselves only. On the other hand, they sometimes frequent a mosque, practise circumcision and bury their dead: they will eat with Muhammadans if they are particular friends.

In Gujarat there are several similar communities such as the Matia Kunbis, who call in Brahmans for their chief ceremonies, but are followers of the Pirana saint Imam Shah and his successors, and bury their dead as do the Muhammadans: the Sheikhadas at their weddings employ both Hindu and a Muhammadan priest, and the Momans who practise circumcision, bury their dead and read the Gujarati Koran, but in other respects follow Hindu custom and ceremonial.

If he says that "I am a Hindu because I hold to the beliefs of the Hindus" his answer cannot be right for here one is confronted with the fact that Hinduism has no definite creed. The beliefs of persons who are by all admitted to be Hindus often differ more widely from each other than do those of Christians and Muhammadans. Limiting the issue to cardinal beliefs the Hindus differ among themselves as to the beliefs which arc of cardinal importance. Some say that all the Hindu scriptures must be accepted, but some would exclude the Tantras, while others would regard only the Vedas as of primary importance; some again think that the sole essential is belief in the doctrine of karma and metempsychosis.

A complex congeries of creeds and doctrines is Hinduism. It shelters within its portals monotheists, polytheists and pantheists; worshippers of the great Gods Shiva and Vishnu or of their female counterparts,.as well as worshippers of the divine mothers or the spirits of trees, rocks and streams and the tutelary village deities; persons who propitiate their deity by all manner of bloody sacrifices, and persons who will not only kill no living creature but who must not even use the word 'cut '; those whose ritual consists mainly of prayers and hymns, and those who indulge in unspeakable orgies in the name of religion; and a host of more or less heterodox sectaries, many of whom deny the supremacy of the Brahmans, or at least have non-Brahmanical religious leaders.

If he says that he is a Hindu because he observes the same customs as other Hindus do his answer cannot be true. For all Hindus do not observe the same customs.

In the north near relatives are forbidden to marry; but in the south cousin marriage is prescribed, and even closer alliances are sometimes permitted. As a rule female chastity is highly valued, but some communities set little store by it, at any rate prior to marriage, and others make it a rule to dedicate one daughter to a life of religious prostitution. In some parts the women move about freely; in others they are kept secluded. In some parts they wear skirts; in others trousers.

Again if he said that he is a Hindu because he believes in the caste system his answer cannot be accepted as satisfactory. It is quite true that no Hindu is interested in what his neighbour believes, but he is very much interested in knowing whether he can eat with him or take water from his hands. In other words it means that the caste system is an essential feature of Hinduism and a man who does not belong to a recognized Hindu Caste cannot be a Hindu. While all this is true it must not be forgotten that observance of caste is not enough. Many Musalmans and many Christians observe caste if not in the matter of inter-dining certainly in the matter of inter-marriage. But they cannot be called Hindus on that account. Both elements must be present. He must be a Hindu and he must also observe caste. This brings us back to the old question who is a Hindu? It leaves us where we are.

Is it not a question for every Hindu to consider why in the matter of his own religion his position is so embarrassing and so puzzling? Why is he not able to answer so simple a question which every Parsi, every Christian, and every Muslim can answer? Is it not time that he should ask himself what are the causes that has brought about this Religious chaos ?
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  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे The word “Hindu” came into existence because of mispronunciation of a Sanskrit word(Sindhu) by the ancient Persians.  why use the word given by foreigners? And how come south indians leave by the sides of sindhu? not just these.... if we dig history we can find everybody had monkey ancestor including the MALAK  so Vidwananni Soyi purte mage jau naye, tyachya hi mage jawe. Why only 1000 years, go back 1000000 years.... and you will find 'Babajika Thullu' was the only thing in existence 
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  • Anurag Ratnaparkhi thanx a lot... ha joke jamla fakt pawar saheb anchya dhorna mule...
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे And those who want to dig more and go for DNA tests... ..... bhaiyo ab to man jao. ki INSAN INSAN HAI, KAHI REH SAKATA HAI!
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  • Sarojkumar Bhosle सगळी माणसं सारखीच आहेत यात काही वादच नाही प्रकाशराव , पण हे हिंदूंसोबतच इतरांनीही शिकायला हवंच. विशेषतः ज्यांना आपलाच धर्म श्रेष्ठ आणि एकमेव सत्य वाटतो त्यांनी. आणि राहता राहिला प्रश्न हिंदू या शब्दाचा. तर त्याचं मूळ काहीही असलं तरी आता हिंदू ही आपली ओळख झाली आहे. हिंदू शब्द नसता तरीही या धर्माला इतर कुठल्या तरी नावाने ओळखले गेले असतेच. आणि हिंदू नावाखाली जर वेगवेगळे भारतीय संप्रदाय एकवटले नसते तर आज त्यांचेच कित्येक धर्म झाले असते. कुणी शैव, कुणी वैष्णव, कुणी आणखी काही. मुळात "एकम सात विप्राः बहुधा वदन्ति" हीच हिंदू धर्माची विचारसारणी राहिलेली आहे नेहमीच. तुम्ही कोणा एका देवाला भजता किंवा कोण्या एका प्रेषिताला मानता म्हणून तुम्ही हिंदू अशी हिंदू धर्माची ओळख नाही हाच हिंदू धर्माचा मोठेपणा नाही का वाटत? मी हिंदू असूनसुद्धा नास्तिक असू शकतो ही हिंदू असण्यातली चैन नाही का? Authoritarian नसणं हे हिंदू धर्माचं बलस्थान नाही का वाटत? द्वैत अद्वैत, विशिष्ठाद्वैत यांच्यासोबत चार्वाकनीतीलाही फक्त हिंदू धर्मातच स्थान मिळू शकतं. 

    आणि तुमचा माणसाचे पूर्वज माकडं असल्याचा युक्तिवाद हा तुम्ही पोस्ट केलेल्या लेखाशी मुळीच सुसंगत नाही. कारण तुम्ही जे म्हणता ते सगळ्याच धर्मियांना लागू होतंच की. मग सगळ्यांनीच आपली ओळख पुसून टाकावी. 

    मला वाटतं हिंदू धर्मात जर काही वाईट असेल तर ते एकच - जातीभेद.
    See Translation
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Exactly what i want to say is - Hindu is accidentally a religion. I accept that religion and call myself a Hindu. But I wouldn't like anybody asking me to follow chturvarna, obey vegeteranism, hate non-hindus, etc etc.... because what these fundamentalists are doing is - establish all us as Hindus first and then ask us to follow the rules of 'Hinduism' that "they" have laid down, why because we are Hindus. And if I don't do it they call me non-original Hindu or lower caste Hindu. My objection is to that (@devashish). And this has been well known history.
  • Krishna Pandey Didn't read entire article, but would like to correct one basic thing. Hinduism is no religion, "Hindu" people follow/ed Sanatan Dharma. Moreover, my perception for religion is a way of life that ensures peace in world and longevity of all living creatures in best possible manner. I am dead against any political party who gives "so-called minorities" upper hand for vote bank.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Sarsanghchalak. Aur baki jo keh rahe ho wo tumhari galat fehami hai.... bas statistical reason hai usake....
  • Krishna Pandey Irony of this all is the belief that there was no history before some scholars pointed out few hundred years back and mostly foreigners. Nobody takes pain to study whatever left of original scripture. And current trend being Secular before being human, where Hindus having no human rights n media importance. Today even Sachin n Rajnikant are God, that's degradation of Sanatan Dharma. Those who think they are secular human actually doesn't have in-depth understanding of their religion and are opportunistic in nature to choose whatever suits them. Apni akal lagao.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Chal to tu bata vedo ki char line 
  • Krishna Pandey I would also like you to read biography of Shankaracharya, who tells the secret about sagun n nirgun brahma. You should also read Gayatri Mahavigyan to understand why Gods have many hands and how to attain moksha. And FYI I have debated this kind of topic with hardliners (minorities) who questioned my religion like Owaisi. So I am not going to debate again. If you are curious, go find truth yourself, if you are just being budding-intellectual, my apologies for killing ur buzz.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे He he. Thanks for allowing me to be an intellectual 
  • Krishna Pandey If you will remain curious and look into right places, you can really find peace and eternal truth. First question you ask yourself is that "is there any God?" If you think there isn't any, you yourself are and you can do whatever you want without worrying about anything. If you think there is God, then think whose God is superior? Later think which religion gives you more flexibility and also scientific approach to achieve the Godness. These are few pointers, rest depends on quantity of grey matter you have.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Hmm. Bhai maine kab kahan ki mera bhagwan me vishwas nahi yahi to problem hai extremist logon ka. Bhagwan aur dharm alag chije hai. Aure bhai mere liye krishn shiv ... sabhi bhagwan exist hai..... lekin usake liye muze kisi shankaryachrya middleman ship nahi chahiye. Aur han man saibaba ka bhi bhakt hun. Aur urus me darge pe bhi jata hun .... nonveg bhi khata hun... aur shayad inner peace extremistonse jyada hai ;
  • Krishna Pandey Please read my above comments again n again if you think I shud explain more. If you think you know the secret of life, religion n God, and are at eternal peace, good for you, you already have attained Moksha. Rest I prefer debating with clever opponent than stupid friend.
  • Krishna Pandey Most saddening thing is you don't understand importance of Guru in life. Most people do not live long enough to learn everything themselves and moreover I don't believe in reinventing the wheel again and again. Religion is about faith, you put yours in Babasaheb words, me in Adiguru Shankaracharya n sacred books. Nothing more to say.
  • Krishna Pandey BTW do you know Muslims believe in Paigambar i. e. Messenger of God, not just Allah. And Jesus is not God himself but Son of God, if I m right. Also buddhist n jains have their Guru Mahatma Buddha n Mahavir. If u just believe in God n ignore everyone else, I think you are confused Soul.
  • Ajay Raut ALL HUMAN ARE BORN EQUAL as told by the Great Martin Luther King.But ironically as they grow up ,the seeds of discrimination are sown into his/her mind.
    HENCE THEY DIE and cremated DIFFERENTLY with different traditions.

    HENCE according to me, Children are the most secular,most equal and staunch supporters of universal principals.Because children know that 'All human are born equal'.

    I think all the fundamental organisations learn something from CHILDREN.

    In a globalised world,where you use Nokia handset (Finland company-christen),Samsung TV (South korean-atheist) ,Honda Bike (japanese-shinto,Buddhist) ,petrol in bike (Gulf countries-Muslim).Then go to the office and work for a client from US/Europe (christen) for livelihood.
    And FINALLY say I am proud to be 'Hindu'.
    With due respect to all the religions,This makes me laugh !!!
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Hmm. True. I have been guided by my teachers parents and friends all the time. I have mahatma gandhi shivaji babasaheb tukaram vivekananda fule shahu yashwantrao and even jrd's life to guide me. I am spiritually guided and have been told to look to my life and life around me, my sufferings and sufferings around me to learn it. And from the experiencses i have learnt - i must help others and seek help, pray to anybody i believe in when down. I think that is what a human life is meant for and not to discreminite and conquer. The answer lies in fundamentals......
  • Krishna Pandey Did u read this article on 16th August, TOI?
  • Krishna Pandey Pray to anybody when in distress is your problem? What happened to faith in one God. That's why I called you opportunistic in first place. First u say u don't want any Shankaracharya in between you n God. Then u refer to teachings of Vivekanand, who himself was disciple of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans, a devotee of Maa Kali. Do you think Swami Vivekanand was more intelligent than you? Why he didn't argued to his Guru and why he wanted Bharat to be jagat-guru? What was the idea he wanted to spread? Compare your stand with his.
  • Krishna Pandey @Ajay Raut: Technology and Religion are two different things. Technology is causing more damage to planet than benefits. Religion's purpose is betterment of lives and world peace. Humans are intelligent creature enough to invent new techniques to destroy their own planet, this makes me laugh.
  • Ajay Raut Then why are so many innocent people being killed because of religious riots,extremism?
    Why do only few people get the so called peace because of religion and why do so many people suffer/persecuted because of same religion?
    Moreover extremist use the technology for the same.

    Why do people in atheist countries/societies like china,Russia are living life peacefully?
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey Sir, With respect just want to ask a simple question. What knowledge you have used in real life from these vedas, other than you learnt it by experience or by surroundings??
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath kindly read my above comments to understand my perception of religion. And most important thing I learned from Veda is to do "paropkar" and follow rituals like yoga, dhyan n pranayam. But to understand the message of Sanatan Dharma just look for Shanti Mantra and it's meaning on Google. And I feel today's science is not enough mature to solve all mysteries of nature from time unknown. I will like to tell you that I have learned many good things but secret to religion lies in it's practice. If you want all knowledge I have about Sanatan Dharma, or debate the same I can guide you to someone who are more knowledgeable of Vedas than me.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे  this is the prob with u fundamentalists.... when i say i look to vivekananda.... u have a assumption that i must follow what vivekanand said and did.... cant his philosophy of service to people is service to god be follwd without folowing his guru shishyaaa etc etc. And jagat guru and all that is bullshit. We r stuck into so many probs lets get out of this as of now...
  • Pradyumna Deshpande जियो और जिने दो इतका साधा धर्म कुणालाच मंजूर नाही का?  काय अर्थ आहे. धर्मावरून एकमेकांशी भांडण्याचा? किंवा फुकाचा अभिमान बाळगण्याचा? बाकी हिंदू हि एक संस्कृती आहे. जो या भारतवर्षात राहतो , तो हिंदू. यावरून काही वादग्रस्त अपेक्षित नाही. 
    धर्म हि अफूची गोळी आहे. तुम्ही वापराल तसे तुम्हाला बनवते! असो.
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey About 'propakar'; you, me and everyone learn it in childhood when we doesn't know anything about these vedas. And also all these you can find in any good book not only in vedas and granthas. My point is every religion teach us to be human, having merits, only followers should follow it correctly.
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath and your these good books are based on? Just coz someone in family told you that tulsi is effective in cough, does that mean there is no reason to study Ayurveda and you taking tulsi is based on ur family's personal research? Vedas were written for people to follow and that wisdom passed from generation to generation.
  • Krishna Pandey प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Kindly make up your mind. You said you like few Names and have their life and saying guide you. What relation you and that person holds? Ain't it of Guru-Shishya? What will you say all the persons who taught you since you were born till now? HUMAN? I don't like to say it again but you are selfish and opportunistic person who only wants that much of wisdom which suits him. I believe in God, I don't believe in Guru's. I follow MG but I won't sleep naked with my Grand Daughter. I follow Vivekananda saying but not follow what his Guru taught him. I will follow only what suits my purpose. 
    Moreover, you remind of Nitish Kumar, who used to say "Kabhi Tilak lagani padegi, kabhi Topi pehnana padega", after LS Polls and shameful defeat, now he joined hands with Lalu Yadav, same person he fought in first place, to bring back JungleRaj. 
    Note: Don't use religion for politics, let it be a separate affair. And most important, being Secular does not mean being Anti-Hindu.
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey My comment was not for Ayurved or any vedas, its about religion. Doing Pranayam and Yoga is not religion or Dharma.
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath is this your words "What knowledge you have used in real life from these vedas"?
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath What's the definition of religion? I have pointed out multiple times in my above comments, that Religion is way of maintaining long, peaceful existence of life in this universe. But if you can't take pain to read my all above comments, and just wanna jump in middle of a conversation to show-off your non-existent knowledge, just stay aside.
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey The discussion is not about Yoga, Pranayam or ayurveda here. Its about religion. And the comment you are referring was also for the same.
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath I am all ears. What's your philosophy? What's your take on this? And you didn't answered my earlier question, your referred good books are based on what? Have you read entire Koran or Bible to claim that all religion teaches same thing?
  • Krishna Pandey And dear Raj Nath, before you make any more comment, please ask yourself what exactly is religion?
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey Sorry to misunderstand your definition of religion. For me religion is to be human and kind to each and every creature in the universe. And the same you can find some how some where in Koran, Bibal, Gita or any religious book. About show-off, If putting once view is show-off, then I usually do that.
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath What do you think about Prakash as he is not being kind to all creatures, he is a non-vegetarian. Do you think he is not religious? Muslims eat Beef, are they not religious? What do you mean by being Human? Do you even know characteristics of being Human? Have you studied Human Nature, Sociology in detail? Your definition of religion is just a statement.
  • Krishna Pandey Dear Raj Nath, please wake up. Nobody even mentioned "Pakistan" here. If by Pakistan, you mean Muslims, kindly go back to your shell and carry on.
  • Krishna Pandey प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे, read the text from this book review of "Vivekananda, World Teacher - His Teachings on the Spiritual Unity of Humankind, by 
    Swami Adiswarananda" given on link

    It says "The Christian is not to become a Hindu or a Buddhist, nor is a Buddhist or a Hindu to become a Christian. But each must assimilate the spirit of the others and yet preserve his individuality and grow according to his own law of growth. ..." Hence you need not go to mosque for any whatsoever reason, if you can't find peace in your religion, you can't find in any. BTW book title terms Swami Vivekananda as World Teacher i.e. Jagat-Guru. Hope this clears all your doubt. I will like to clear my stand too, I am not against any religion, but I am firm believer in mine. I feel that my religion answers all my curiosity and leads me to a peaceful life. 

    And as there are many people who have even faith in Nirmal Baba, I cannot go on fighting them too. Some Mahapurush said "If you will throw stones at every barking dog in your way, you will never reach your destination."
  • Raj Nath Krishna Pandey About eating non-veg, Just go to ancient history every one used to eat the same, Its some times need, not choice. What about the Muslims who doesn't eat non-veg. They are not Muslims?? What about Hindus, Who eats non-veg?? Are they not Hindus?? About defining "Being Human" may differ person by person depending on perception.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Dear KP. I believe in love. I believe in humans. I believe in God. I believe in myself. I don't need Mohan Bhagvat or rubbish-talker like him to guide me and my so called 'hindu' religion. There were saints and their teachings are sufficient for us. As far as our protection from other religions - which you ppl think is necessary - I think the reason for this is hatred for other religions that you ppl/rss believe in. I request sarsangha chalak to rename his religion on his TC to 'sanatan dharma' and let we so called 'hindus' live with liberty! Jai Hind! This is an old strategy - be what other people are - do good work (SEVA) for them - be their protector/guru - now ask them to do what you want - be a dectator! I think this suffices. As far as original topic is related I would like to mention once again -
    The origins and affinities of the ~1 billion people living on the subcontinent o... See More
  • Krishna Pandey Raj Nath Are you questioning yourself here? coz being non-vegetarian is contradictory to your definition of religion which includes "kind to each and every creature in the universe".
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे So why your santans used to eat beaf .... ?
  • Krishna Pandey ^ Prove it to Raj Nath. He may change his definition of religion.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे definitions me kaha fase ho babu. Murgi bakari marna insano ko marnese accha hai!
  • Krishna Pandey प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे I cleared my stand, and I seriously have no clue about RSS ideology. I never felt need to study about them. And don't restrict religion to just food habits. Now a days large number of people are becoming vegetarian, even Vegan coz of health benefits. 
    As I pointed out earlier, religion is a way to ensure long peaceful existence of life, being vegetarian makes sense to me.

    I don't know if Hindus eat Beef from ancient times, if you have any concrete evidence please provide that to me.
  • Krishna Pandey I shared my point of view, my understanding of religion and my take on your view. Nothing more value I can add to your post. Aap thaali ke baigan ho, samajh me nahi aata kya stand le rahe ho aur aakhir kehna kya chahte ho.
    Moreover if your belief is limited to what science can prove, you should have no belief in God. Genetics ki baat karte ho. TaTa Bye Bye.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे ha ha! bhai  tu jyada hi serious ho gaya  wahi to mai keh raha hun ki you extermist are always - 0 or 1. I believe in genetics and god too. problem is with you ppl(rss). they think that they are original inhabitants of this land and hate other religions on the ground that they have come later. Thats why i said we trace out everybody's roots and the research proves that most of us are outsiders with that logic. so please stop hating others and asking others to be 'proud' in hindus. we are proud. proud of being indians. proud of belonging to this land. what i want is - let us leave in peace. don't create noise here on the grounds of religion. we love to and have been practicing worship of everything that is godly, inspires us and help us face difficult situations, but that is only because we are humans. we are yet to explore the nature's powers and capabilities and science is the tool. we are on that path, let us be on that path and if you say you or now on scientific path and you can't worship our gods, i will ask - who are you? Good bye! Jai Hind!
  • Shivraj Dongawe It will be better if we start thinking about simple things than more complex(rubbish) ones. Dear religious people please suggest way to dump the waste in temples/mosque/church first before asking people to worship, donate with blind eye. The simple thing of throwing waste here and there is demanding and forcing a government to allocate special fund for cleaning it. So start from cleaning ourselves and at later stage when we are done with our basic needs then we can sit and start discussing rubbish things and we could also get time to create a sophisticated DNA testing laboratory specially dedicated to testing religion.
  • Krishna Pandey Haa Haa Haa... No further comments. You are the genius.
  • Krishna Pandey Doesn't matter... I said what I feel. You supporting anyone is your personal choice. BTW my comment was for Prakash n not you.
  • Shivraj Dongawe Thank you for making it clear Krishna Pandey sir. As per my observation you both are genius.
  • Krishna Pandey On serious note, more you acquire knowledge, less genius you feel. Also, practice is key to any religion, mere knowledge is not enough. Good Day.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे I agree to you second last and a comment before that! 
  • Krishna Pandey ^ Bro, I just wanted to make one point in reply to your post i.e. "I am Hindu, and I am not confused about my religion". Period.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे Yes. I am a Hindu and I need not hate anybody as the fundamentalists do. I am a Hindu and I accept religion is just a name, it's the culture that matters and here all religions share a culture, I am part of that culture and I am proud of that fact. Permanent Period.
  • Krishna Pandey ^ So you are Hindu and you are also not confused. That's great. You have better understanding than the person who said Hindu are confused. Permanent Period.
  • Takshak Shende I loved reading comments.  one is intelligent revolutionary and other is countering every revolution by intelligence (theory), and best part is no one is angry.: )
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे No. I disagree. Thats a wrong comment. To know his intelligence you have to read him more. As i have already said - hindu is a accidental religion. i accept that and so i am a hindu. And I accept that because fortunately I can't be made victim of caste system, at least 'your Hinduism' won't be able to put me in your ranks of caste-ism and even if it puts I DONT CARE NOW! Jai Hind.  Final Permanent Period.
  • Krishna Pandey You know you don't have to live with that accident your whole life. Be a part of not-accidental religion. BTW neither original post or me nowhere referred anything about caste system. Don't mix things. You can proudly be part of elite global citizens (Indian by Birth), who are busy finding imperfections in every religion and to make a point that they are different from masses. If you think you are knowledgeable provide solution not problem. And stop playing victim of caste system, I too wasn't born with silver spoon. Today we are at same position, we are s/w researchers. Stop being political always. Final Permanent Period.
  • प्रकाश बा. पिंपळे  lol have to reply as your words seem like you are exactly the next RSS chief  I can't leave this chance of arguing with the next TRUE AND ONLY NATIONALIST leader (i think this is what they call RSS chief). So my point now is - I am a Hindu - and I...See More
  • Krishna Pandey I said nothing about protecting you. I don't know who are RSS people but surely they are not alien neither from foreign soils. Other religion came from foreign soils, I can say that coz I remember what's left of history as per our textbooks. Well I am still not in agreement with your point of view, but as i am just tired of arguing with you. Go ahead with your conspiracy theory. Truly finally whatever period.
  • Krishna Pandey  

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