Thursday, December 19, 2013

Loksatta and 'Khobragade'

Yesterday's article in Loksatta doesn't show a neutral view at all. You can make it up from sentence like this "प्रस्थापितांच्या शोषणाविरोधात ते नेहमीच आवाज उठवत आले आहेत. अशा या कर्तव्यतत्पर उत्तमरावांना आपल्या पोटच्या पोरीच्या घरी होणारे मोलकरणीचे शोषण कसे टोचले नाही? आपल्या कन्येकडून नियमभंग होत आहे, याची जाणीव या जागरूक तीर्थरूपांना होऊ नये? ". There is a caste at the back of editors mind. The current issue is that of the violations of the human rights and violation of the rights of a representative of a nation. Which given attention to details can be found valid and editors from news paper like Loksatta can rightly guess it. But it seems they don't want to. Today they have come up with an explanation of the act by the Preet Bharara. I think somehow they want to show the only one side of issue as they have not talked about the supreme court judgment, strip and cavity search of the Indian Diplomat, etc. Or may be they don't believe in the Indian system and have bowed with soul and heart to the Amarika and Amarikan society with hope that one day they all will get green cards and then they can leave this country full of corruption, with 50% reservation and ruling class coming from the non-elite class!

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