Thursday, July 3, 2008

Decentralization of IT

Yeah Its very necessary to decentralize our IT sector to every part of our nation..
During the period of so called globalisms most part of our country is still living their lives in isolation .. far away from the current stream.

I have personally experienced many things.. People away from metropolitan area are still backward and waiting for some miracle ...
My brother is woring in SHahapur .. its Taluqa place just near to mumbai .. means by Local near around 1 hour from Dadar ... Its completely tribal area .. very backward ... people are not getting even primary education .. good health services and some other basic needs .. imagine the place which is placed 1 hour from the city like mumbai .. then what i have to say about other remote places .. which are still struggling for their basic needs ..

When our many young people are talking about Shining India na .. it seems good.. but reality is very different and horrible ..

For actual development of this country, You have to start from root level .. You have to work hard for getting those fruits of our new emerging fields like IT to our rural india...up to the common man ... They are representing our country .. not us.. So we have to work for them..

Everybody is running .. and just running..nobody is looking behind.... but they are forgetting their own people .. just stop for a while .. and look behind to your own country people .. Think for a moment .. and start to do something for them... We IT people really have that guts to do this ... the youth of nation has started taking steps towards this .. many people r doing well... lets be the part of this new revolution..

Lets dream together for India 2020...

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